How Much Truth Can Be Put Into A Song

How much truth can be put into a song? Ann Frances answers the question with a resounding “All the truth, all the time.” A powerful, sex-positive description of how one can triumph over abuse and heartache and reclaim one’s sexual power, CHEATER is an album that can be enjoyed on many levels. Musically, it is a wide-ranging pastiche of styles from ballads (Fever, Mystic) to catchy melodic rock (Whore, Out!) and even several country-ish tunes. Lyrically it ranges from simple love songs to raucous, raunchy songs about taking back sexual power, bucking sexual conventions (“I’m a whore…what are you going to do about it?”), recovering from sexual abuse and, at its darkest  point, engaging in acts of self-injury. “No One Wants You (You’ve Slept With Too Many Men)” is an amusing commentary on the double standard regarding women who love sex. I found myself playing the song in my head on repeat. This is a sensual album, with striking imagery such as the line, “I want to go down in flames of flesh.” Yet this is not an album filled with angst or angry diatribes against men. It is more a celebration of one’s overcoming trauma and still believing in love. On CHEATER, Ann Frances has something to say and it demands attention. – Lisa Rivitz


Ann Frances’ new album, “Cheater”, is ready to be released. For this big moment, the singer prepared an incredible ‘full-length’ containing no less than twenty-five songs. Inspired by existentialist events in her life, the songs are the result of romantic relationships and more delicate situations that revamped the artist’s life. Frances’ influences are quite diverse, with melodies based on pop music, but with several forays into rock, R&B, country and others. In terms of production, the upcoming album will feature modern work, full of arrangements and clear sound, catering to the most sensitive and demanding ears.

Among its two and a half dozen, songs like “Rather” stand out, which parades over the melody of wavy guitar notes, while the singer’s soft and mesmerizing voice lies in a blanket of harmony. In this song, the sweetness of the chords is so pleasant that it is possible to take comfort in sliding your fingers over the instrument’s strings. In “One Winged Butterfly Girl”, the artist’s rock’n’roll vein speaks louder, with a spectacular classic rock footprint in the 70s style. And to prove her versatility, Ann Frances also presents songs such as “Beautiful and True”, where musical complexity falls on the album, adding more relevance to the world music scene.

Don’t miss this release for June 30th.

– Roadie Metal