On her forthcoming album, “CHEATER”, Chicago-based singer-songwriter Ann Frances plumbs the depths of her sexual reality and her romantic relationships with men.

The 25-song, tour de force album is by turns joyful, defiant, funny, dark and poignant.

“CHEATER” is an indie rock tapestry that draws from punk, country, pop, bluegrass, African, folk and R&B.

On the title track, Ann reflects on her serial infidelity. The album also touches on themes of the exuberance of bucking sexual mores, the double-standard concerning woman who love sex (which Ann 75% satirizes and 25% internalizes), the frustration of being related to as a sex object, the legacy of sexual abuse (including how men have helped heal her) and infatuation.

On “CHEATER” Ann journeys from cynicism to vulnerability, ultimately realizing that despite sometimes being a literal pain in the ass, her lovers have been a profound, ethereal gift.

Cheater - Ann Frances
Cheater - Ann Frances - back cover


Believe Me

Parking Lot

No One Wants You (You’ve Slept With Too Many Men)

Diagonal Street

Many many Many Lovers



Sidestep Heartache



That Hair

Let’s Show the Gods


One Winged Butterfly Girl

You No Longer Exist My Love


Sex Object

Right Thing

When You’re Here


Sweetest Man

Take Me Back

Beautiful and True

Lost and Gone

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